The 6 Week Double Your 
Confidence Challenge!

Take action now...and I am looking forward to working with you and helping you to become a truly confident man around women,

Stephan Erdman

“Double Your Confidence Around Women In 6 Weeks, Even If You’ve Always Been Shy Or Introverted & Nothing’s Ever Helped!”
Hi it’s Stephan Erdman here,
and if you’re wondering whether this is going to be another over the top sales letter trying to HYPE you into believing you’ll instantly seduce Jessica Alba without lifting a finger ....RELAX! 
Because we both know that stuff is NOT REAL and I’d rather treat you like an adult...
Ok...If you hate long sales letters then watch this video that gives you everything you need to know. Just hit play:


Ok. So you want to read more? Let me explain in detail what you’re going to learn:

Week 1 You’ll discover how to create deep confidence in yourself by reprogramming your thought patterns in a way that silences limiting beliefs, self doubt and fears.
Sadly most people will never experience the kind of confidence that they could have because they never learn how to sort out their relationship with themselves. 
I will share with you the most effective strategies to create a great relationship with yourself, accept yourself, like yourself by teaching you how to recondition your thought patterns powerfully from self destructive to self confirming. 
( And just to say: This isn’t self help, this isn’t motivational “fluff” but proven methods that worked for me and my clients and still work for me every day)
1. Coaching Session-Some of the things you’ll discover:
 Why what I call “Inner Rapport” is Nr.1 for confidence and how to get it.
 How creating confidence in one area of your life changes all other areas.
 How to create inner rapport to effortlessly change from within.
 The three letter word which makes anyone become charismatic.
 The 4 Killer questions which guide even shy men to confident thinking
 Why you need to feel goals in your stomach rather then in your head and how to do it
Week 1’s  Confidence Mindset will teach you:
 How to get confident walking your dog or any other mundane activity.
 The TWO MAGIC WORDS that changed me from shy to confident.
 Why most "affirmations" don’t work and what the MISSING PIECE is nobody talks about.
 The secret to GETTING BETTER AT ANYTHING through your mind.
 How to CREATE SEX APPEAL-yes you heard me-sex appeal. It can be taught!
 How to THINK like a truly confident man.
With Week 1’s Challenge you’ll discover:
 How most people UNDERMINE themselves through their language
 Exactly how to make your “inner dialogue” MAKE YOU CONFIDENT rather than destroy you
 Why you are actually in control even though you THINK you are not
 how to “clean up” your language so that the way you talk and think makes you feel in charge and confident NO MATTER WHAT you do

Week 2 You will discover how to create positive expectations and how to have the self image you want.
Seriously, NOT to learn this could leave you STUCK FOREVER. The process of how you picture the outcome of anything you do or attempt to do is usually completely unconscious...and ultra important for your results. (personally-this held me back for years)
Most people never even realize they have a destructive self image that constantly stops them from achieving what they want... Your self image won’t undermine you after this week.
You will discover powerful techniques that top athletes use to succeed, that will enable you to do confidently what you used to fear, talking to girls, public speaking, you name it!
 With my "Replay/Preplay" Technique I will show you how to develop a positive expectation of anything you are going to do.
2.Coaching Session-Some of the things you’ll discover:
 The reason why it's vital to get CONTROL over your self image
 How to TUNE your self image to become truly confident
 How your subconscious self image controls your level of confidence
 Why the self image ALWAYS wins over will power
 The REAL reason why you find it hard to approach girls
 How MENTAL rehearsal can be more powerful than “ACTUAL” rehearsal
Week 2’s Confidence Mindset will show you:
 How to use your IMAGINATION to CHANGE your self image
 How YOU can use the secrets TOP ATHLETES use for your confidence
 Exactly how to practise anything you haven’t done before so that it’s just as if you’ve done it a HUNDRED TIMES when you do it for real the first time!
 The TWO MODES of visualising and which works best when!
With Week 2’s Challenge you will discover:
 How to DESTROY your fear of "social exclusion"
 The reason why OVERCOMING this fear of “social exclusion” changes your life
 Why evolution CONDITIONED us to be scared of “rocking the boat” and exactly how you can get your social freedom (and confidence) back!
 Why you will NEVER NEED TO HESITATE before approaching women AGAIN!

Week 3 How to take action the right way. No confidence without action-no action without confidence. You will discover how to "override" inner blocks and faulty strategies and replace them with ones that work.
 Taking action is the thing that all confident people do consistently. And it can seem like the hardest thing if you haven’t learned what you have learned in Week 2... to expect success and pleasure from taking action!
I will share with you 3 personal strategies that keep me on my personal path to confidence around women and self fulfilment and align myself with my values no matter what I do. 
You’ll discover the action taking secrets which create so much momentum in your life that you can’t get stuck ever again!
3. Coaching Session-Some of the things you’ll discover:
 Why confidence is useless in a vacuum
 How taking action actually CREATES confidence
 Why SOME guys achieve their goals and OTHERS NEVER WILL
 The “magic formula” to achieving your goals and getting “big time” confident in the process
 Why inaction actually LOWERS your confidence
 Why you should act before you are "ready"
 The THREE TOP ACTIONS that bring you great results and achieve the “side effect” of true confidence!
 The best model for organising yourself for TAKING ACTIONS that MAKE you confident!
Week 3’s Confidence Mindset will make you focus on:
 How to take actions that make you more confident literally every time!
 The secret to to being you authentically (while taking action)
 The ONE "magic" word that supercharges any choice you make
 Using this bizarre “tool” for taking authentic action literally CHANGES your experience of life!
Week 3’s Challenge will show you:
 The powerful man's approach to unpleasant tasks
 The quickest way to RAISE your self esteem and confidence
 The BEST WAY to never let “avoided actions” destroy your self esteem!


Week 4 You will discover how to "use” other people in order to explode your confidence and feeling of ease around anyone... so that you literally love the company of new people and women!
 A lot of people teach how to be “confident in your bedroom”. Confidence on your own is like having sex on your own...not quite the same. 
Then guys get frustrated because they “fake confidence” which has this annoying habit to disappear the second an attractive woman comes into the picture!
This week you will discover the secret mindsets that will enable you to grow your confidence through being with people. You see the truth is what we associate with other people determines how they make us feel. 
(Feel free to write that down by the way, it’s important)
After this week’s learning you will literally be able to go out and “use” people to make you feel confident and great! (“use” in a good way)
4. Coaching Session-Some of the things you will discover:
 How to MAGICALLY “FRAME” your relationships to make you confident
 How to AVOID confidence sapping relationships
 Why PEOPLE are the biggest influence on our state of confidence
 The BIGGEST MISTAKE guys make when they define themselves...
 Why focussing on what you HAVE IN COMMON with others makes you stronger
I am not kidding: The mindsetting method of the week is going to make yourself want to kick yourself for not having done this for years yourself. It's simple. It’s powerful. It’s effective!

Through Week 4’s Confidence Mindset You will discover:
 The most BASIC choice unconfident guys mess up thousands of times every day
 how this BASIC choice ruins your confidence without you even noticing it...
 why "free flow" is the KEY for confidence and how to achieve it
 the reason why I messed this up for 17 years and how YOU CAN AVOID IT NOW
 why and how this “mindset” will make you confident even against your will
In Week 4’s Challenge you will discover:
 how to MANIPULATE your mind to turn yourself into a SOCIAL GUY!
 why this simple process makes you confident at will
 how to become ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN without trying to attract their attention
 how to have girls literally starting conversations with you just with the way you are thinking about them

Week 5 How to easily deal with those situations which used to make you feel shy or disempowered in the past.
Imagine this familiar situation: You felt great, everything was going so well and you meet that one special girl you REALLY want that has always made you nervous and BOOM! Your state is back to that of  a GIBBERING WRECK. 
And not being able to deal with that moment now destroyed weeks of hard work. Not anymore after this week!
I am going to show you the most effective and ridiculously simple methods to never again be ruffled by women or anyone even if they TRY to take your power away purposefully. 
Imagine the confidence you will get from knowing how to never again lose your power.
5. Coaching Session-Some of the things you will discover:
 How to bullet proof yourself against people who actually WANT to make you weak
 How to ERADICATE confidence destroying habits!
 Why you need to deal with setbacks RIGHT THERE AND THEN
 How to STOP habits which make you feel less confident...
 How to IMPROVE the way you handle TRICKY situations!
 The SIMPLEST process of creating more and more confidence in your life - even though you never thought it was possible!
Week 5’s Confidence Mindset will focus you on:
 The simplest  yet most profoundly effective way to handle stress
 the secret ingredient that makes this work that nobody else teaches
 Why this seemingly INNOCENT mindset works to make you powerful at dealing with challenges easily
 Why you can use this method in ANY situation and can stay confident no matter what
Through Week 5’s Challenge you will prove to yourself:
 That you now have an ARSENAL of methods to overcome your fears
 Why you can now do this formerly scary thing EASILY
 How MUCH you have already achieved on your way to total confidence around girls


Week 6 In your last week you’ll discover how to be in your best confident state "at the touch of a button" and how to embed the state of confidence deeply in yourself and how to "remember it" lightning fast!
Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a tool that would enable you to “force” you to be confident even though you can’t even think clearly and you can’t even focus because something genuinely nerve wracking is coming up? 
I am talking wedding speeches, hot dates with Angelina Jolie...are you with me? Well wait for this!
In week 6 I will teach you a powerful NLP Technique that will enable you to access total confidence at the "touch of a button".
This is so powerful that I only recommend this to be shown to you by a trained professional like myself! 
6. Coaching Session-Some of the things you will discover:
 How to assess how much you have already achieved
 Exactly HOW TO use your new knowledge and awareness going forward
 The "feared things first" principle-and why it ROCKS
 How to stop yourself from procrastinating EVER again
With Week 6’s Confidence Method you will discover:
 how to get confidence at “the touch of a button” no matter whether you’re with a SUPERMODEL, a CELEBRITY or YOUR SECRET WANNA BE GIRLFRIEND!
 How this seemingly "magic" technique actually does its magic!
 How this method changed my life and will change yours!
 THE EXACT SITUATIONS when best to use this powerful technique!
Week 6’s Challenge will show you:
 Why you need to take resonsibility going forward in your development
 Why you are in charge now and not me-and what that means!
 how to CHOOSE where your life is going - with women and the rest of your life!
And a lot even though this is only an outline... you can see how we are building up your confidence step by step, can’t you?
You will focus on one vital piece of the puzzle every week, step by step building up your confidence from the inside out.
Now you know the content...
let me explain HOW You’ll easily absorb it
 You will get your week’s learning materials all on one simple page every week so it’s easy and clear for you. This will be your own space to take in all the learning for the duration of the Challenge and well beyond, as I will keep it open for as long as you want afterwards so that you can revisit any of the elements anytime you want.
 You will have a weekly introduction video with what we’ll focus on that week.
Here’s what it will look like:

 Next you will have a powerful coaching session where I will help you remove inner blocks to your natural confidence (these are there to challenge you deeply and reprogram you from the inside to your ideal state and to focus you on what you will achieve that week, keeping you on track for success)
On top of that comes the week's specific "Short Cut" Confidence Mindset/Method that you will focus on that week (This you will get as an mp3 and as a sound track to listen to right there on the page, you will be able to download it straight on to your IPOD OR COMPUTER and listen to it whenever you want)

• For these weekly "Short Cut" Confidence Methods I will explain in detail including my personal story of how they have helped me, how they have helped my clients, how they work and detailed instructions on how to use them EVERY DAY to properly embed them into your behavior and habits. These are truly magical “Inner Game Must Haves” that changed my life and will yours!
• These Methods are the basis for your growth in confidence over the 6 weeks and I will augment them if I notice that there is another mindset or method that will be beneficial to you
If that wasn’t enough...I will give you the "Challenge of the week" ...these are specific challenges that I KNOW will blow your confidence through the roof...nothing "dangerous" but ultimately freeing! You will love these! (or lets say...the effect of them on you)
The challenges are tiered in terms of “challenge factor”..and by the end of 6 weeks you will be amazed at your journey!
 Throughout the 6 weeks you can email me directly and I will answer your questions directly via email...I will do EVERYTHING I can to keep you moving forward!
Why is this the best training 
for you to really get confident quickly? 
 You will get the BEST of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Coaching, Method Acting, Mindsetting Methodology in one, combined with my years of experience of actually applying these techniques in my own life. See, you’ll only get the most effective ideas and methods I found DISTILLED into a step by step program.
 You learn and apply IN YOUR OWN TIME, everything is there for you in the private members area, the methods are all for you to integrate into your daily life and all of this works within your normal day
 The easy total “online access” format to your learning zone works even if you are on holiday as long as you have internet access!
 People have different learning styles and so we will use different ways of "downloading" learning into you...miles more effective than reading an e-book any day
How many times do we WANT to change and we DON’T..because the people around us DRAG us back into our old habits? Having me there getting you to refocus every week WILL make you achieve your goal!
 Most importantly... this programme fits around your schedule because I know that you are probably a busy guy! The reason this programme is structured for 6 weeks is that changing habits and embedding learning properly takes time. And the programme is structured carefully to provide you with step by step development. And the process will carry on further after the 6 Weeks are over.
“Well that does sound good...
but is it going to work for me?”

Look...If you follow along, attend the calls, use the methods, watch the videos, listen to the mp3's and implement...
then I am sure you that you will at least 
 around attractive women
 at work no matter how your boss behaves
 with your friends in all matter of social situations
in bars, clubs, about town, whenever you are with people
 and of course within yourself!
“And what does that REALLY mean for me??” 
It means
 being able to start conversations easily with attractive women!
 feeling that you can be yourself at your best more and more
 you will be happier and more fulfilled feeling more and more like how you truly want to be
 becoming socially confident, going out without freezing up, noticing how much more you can do without stopping yourself for lack of confidence!
 enjoying life more because you are feeling able to be YOU around people
 truly benefiting in ALL areas of your life not just dating, be that getting ahead at work, going to more parties, becoming a guy that other guys want to be LIKE and that girls want to be WITH!
”But what if I am ‘REALLY’ shy?!”

 What I am going to give you helps you from where you are to the next level so it doesn’t matter how shy you are...I will work with you from where you are
 You can keep building step by step yourself after the course is over because you will have powerful change tools
You have a short cut to ideas that take most guys years to figure out (or they never do)
 This will save you years of trial and error looking for what works and what doesn’t!
 Save you money
 Save you many embarrassments!
 Save you from wasting your life wondering what if!
Ok so maybe despite all of this you’re still wondering deep inside:

" How can I be 100% SURE that I will get results with this?"

Then I have to say... I understand we all want certainty. Because unless you get the results you want from it the whole thing misses its point, right?
For that I should tell you just a little bit of my story, warts and all...(The stuff THEY never tell you). 
But first let me tell you this honestly: I can't 100% “guarantee on my life” that you will double your confidence purely by joining the program. You know why?
Because to be blunt it is YOU who needs to IMPLEMENT it. 
What I AM sure that if you IMPLEMENT what I am teaching you and follow along with the videos and coaching you WILL MORE THAN DOUBLE YOUR CONFIDENCE. Does that seem fair enough?
Ok with that said...lets talk about me for a change!
What I am pretty sure of is that I am the best qualified guy to help you achieve your goals in terms of confidence and dating because :
 I was “Mr. Super-shy” when I came out of puberty! 
I Sucked Around Girls! 

(that story you read in my “Dating Nerves Report” was completely true)
 Everything I teach you now is what I had to first find, develop, test, practise, evaluate, dismiss, or develop further over many years...but always worked for hard and long through PAINFUL failures and EMBARRASSMENTS!
 So what I teach you now are literally the DISTILLED RULES and INNER GAME “GAME CHANGERS” as well as the best “SHORT CUTS” for going from being very shy socially and around women to becoming confident socially and around beautiful women and anyone. But that’s not all...
 Having worked with many clients over the years and of course having gone through all the confidence problems you can think of in my own life I have become pretty good at understanding what really works for most of my clients.
  Coaching takes a lot of experience... I have 4 Years Experience in helping people achieve their goals! 
  What’s more: By now you should know I CARE Your success is my success so I will do anything I need to do to get you to get your success...with women, with your boss, in any area of your life!
I am hands on, I like to see the results.. that's what you need to truly develop and grow!
And on top of all that I would like you to consider this:
If you have been on my newsletter, have seen my videos on youtube, have read my articles...then I think by now you have got to know me a little way of thinking, the underlying ideas that this whole “Double Your Confidence Challenge” is based on and if you feel that you agree with these and they ring true then you have something truly valuable :
Having that with your coach is huge.
 You see..if the things I have shared with you so far DIDN’T make sense to you then you really SHOULDN’T get on the program because we would be working towards different goals on some deeper level. Shared Values are important.
 So have you liked my approach so far?
Did you relate to what I have taught you so far?
Do you believe me?
Do you trust me?
If not then DON’T go for it now. Maybe there will be someone else you feel more aligned with. I am SERIOUS! If you don’t TRUST ME yet to have your best interest at heart then don’t go ahead with joining the challenge.
But if you liked what I have been sharing so far then consider what an opportunity this really is.
I am saying “opportunity” because to be honest you are reading this at a great time. Why?
Well...Just answer this question honestly right now:
 What would the ability to determine your own level of confidence be worth to you?
What's it worth if you consider how this would affect your ...
 your ability to attract women
 your job success
 your general assertiveness
 your ability to express your opinion
 your social success
What's it worth if you consider how more confidence would affect your ability to have...
 the ability to be yourself at your most confident (because you don't have anything to HIDE anymore-”you at your best” shining through more and more?
 the DEEP knowledge that you will be OK from now on and never have those days and nights when you felt you had NO CONTROL over your feelings and your where your life was going, especially with girls?
 no more lonely nights wondering if there might EVER be a girl that could fall in love with you?
 the ability to ATTRACT WOMEN you like because women can’t resist your new confident style?

How much would that be worth in cash? 
$250? $500?$1000? $5000? $$$$$?
But hey...This may sound a bit over the top but everybody knows what you invest in your own development truly pays you back 100 fold. And of course I am not going to charge you what it's worth.
I am going to charge you a TINY FRACTION of what it’s worth...
 Here is the deal:
Your Total Investment for all of this is....

not $1000

not $500

not even $250


it’s a tiny
5 x $27.99

 Yes, your total investment is 5 payments of just $27.99!

So if that's all the investment there is then...
“...What's the catch?”
Yes...there is a catch. I would like to hear from you how you succeeded with the program. See this is quite a new program and a lot of people who want to transform their lives are wondering: “Did this work for guys like me?”
That’s why I want your success stories! And that is why I have made this so ridiculously accessible! See it helps me going forward, because just like you everybody considering this program wants to know if it’s working for other guys just like them. 
So that’s the reason I have kept the price so LOW for now for the next few weeks.
“...ok, and why will I only pay for 5 Weeks?”
Here’s why you only pay for 5 Weeks: I want you to “try before you buy” with a FREE 7 Day Test Drive of my program. So the first week is absolutely FREE. 
In other words you can read, listen to and download all the materials of week one, download the methods, take the coaching session, take on the challenge for ONE WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT BEING CHARGED A CENT OR PENNY.
You shouldn’t just have to pay for something you don’t know in my view...and hey...wouldn’t it be nice if everything was so TRANSPARENT online?

2.New Bonus Added!
A powerful visualisation track that will make you approach attractive girls easily through doing what all successful athletes do before any race or sporting challenge - this alone is probably worth the whole course!
But it gets even better because ...
My "RESULTS GUARANTEED" Double Guarantee Ensures That YOU WILL Succeed.
Here's what makes this a no brainer:
Guarantee #1: 7 Day “Free Look”
  You have a full 7 days to see if my “6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge” is right for you. That means you get the learning of Week 1 absolutely free.
Because I want you to have NO RISK in this! I want you to notice how what I am going to share with you already changes things for you! If you determine that it doesn’t, just cancel your subscription within 7 days and you don’t pay a cent! No hassles. No hard feelings. We will still be friends! ;-)
But even if you go beyond the 7 day Free Test Drive period you're still protected by Guarantee #2...
Guarantee #2: Results Guaranteed!
  If you go through the whole program and you diligently use all methods and you STILL think you haven’t AT LEAST DOUBLED YOUR CONFIDENCE then you can let me know and I do a one hour direct consultation with you For FREE where I will “one on one” MAKE YOU CONFIDENT NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! 
I do this all the time with personal clients!
Yours FREE if you have applied everything I have taught you and something STILL held you back from reaching your goal!
So yes I am serious about wanting you to succeed, and that's also how confident I am that my system really works!
You see, if I don't hold up to my end of the bargain, I'm down another hour (which I usually charge at $147.00) -- and you know how important my time is to me!
But you know... should know me by now...
...I will do anything in my power to get you where you want to be. Period!

As long as you're committed, you simply can’t fail. But maybe it’s better I let some of the happy former participants tell you what they thought:
 So here is just some feedback from guys like you who have tried the program:

Ok. Here’s What You Need To Do Next!
I've told you what to expect from the 6 Week Double Your Confidence can keep doing what’s not working right now - and hope that things get better - or you can decide to change your dating and maybe your destiny by taking on the challenge!
Hit the subscribe button below and sign up for the program on the next page. Enter your details, confirm and click on continue. It’s easy.
Take action and get the same success these guys have...take me up on my “all the risk on me” offer for your first Week FREE...If I'm right - then you're likely to be amazed how easy things can be around women and how much better life can be. If I'm wrong - you unsubscribe with one click and you don’t pay. That’s a no brainer!

To Recap: Reserve your place on the "6 WEEK DOUBLE YOUR CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE", download all the learning, get the whole first week completely FREE...and then pay a measly $27.99 per week in 5 instalments. Pay safely Via PayPal with or without your Credit Card. 

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PS: Still unsure? Please send me an email at if you still have questions!
PPS: If you are still thinking “I have tried it all and nothing helped so why should this?” then I just want to say: I understand. It was the same for me when I considered investing in myself in the past. And there were times I felt I had to almost push myself over some imaginary hurdle to move forward with my life. 
These days I do it easily because I have learned that investing in my own growth is the best investment of all. And trust me when I say: Your life can change DRAMATICALLY if you take action! ;-)mailto:stephan@tooshytodate.comshapeimage_3_link_0

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